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A data linking and conversion tool based on Markdown, solving data conversion between different tools and coordination between some common tools.

Some use cases include:

  1. Publishing notes online, such as generating content required by the hexo blog from the joplin note tool and publishing it to the internet
  2. Publishing a novel online, such as generating a novel website from local markdown files for release,
  3. Packaging a novel as an epub file, for example packaging To the Stars as an epub, making it is easy to read offline after downloading,

Some previous use cases from the community include:

  1. joplin => hugo for generating a blog
  2. joplin => jeykll for generating a blog
  3. And possibly others...

Why not use existing tools

I've already used many tools to handle different tasks, but they are all based on markdown, for example

  • Using joplin to record notes
  • Using hexo to write a blog
  • Using vitepress to generate a documentation site
  • Using docusaurus to generate an SEO-friendly novel website
  • Using pandoc to generate epub

What really bothers me is when using docusaurus, each novel requires a bunch of configurations, which is very annoying. Therefore, I hope there is a better tool that can be used out of the box.

Getting Started

Here are two examples:

  1. Generate websites and epub documents for novels
  2. Generating blogs from notes

Thanks to ChatGPT, mark-magic now has a board lady.